Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Few Notes on Yesterday's Post...

   Hello, all!
     Turns out, that glue I used on Roy's neck takes a bit longer to set than I thought. I was posing him last night when I suddenly felt this sort of wobbly sensation on his neck, but a minute later it was gone and his neck was back to "slightly spongy".
     The joint sort of half-broke and then re-set itself...
     The glue still isn't dry, even after 48 hours >__<
     Back in the cupboard you go, Roy. See you in a few days.
     How frustrating!
     Still, considering that I could pose and re-pose Roy's neck a bunch of times even when the glue wasn't set, it just shows that drilling and pinning is a good method... and that this glue is weird. It's one of those flammable, poisonous-vapour producing ones which dries to this slightly weird, springy stuff...

    Official Apology to Barbie....
     I was contacted last night by Barbie, via the "Diversity Barbies Guild", regarding the depiction of Barbies in yesterday's post.
Members of the Diversity Barbies Guild
     Barbie wishes me to issue the following statement on her behalf:
     Barbies are not just a bunch of skanky, airheaded, fashion-obsessed ninnies. This outdated stereotype is inappropriate when you consider the wide selection of Barbies available in the present day. In the 21st century, Barbie dolls are professionals like doctors, vets, beauticians, fashion designers, mermaids and more. It was mean to take pictures of Barbie during a private moment – she can't be blamed for her actions because "Roy is so pretty. He is so fine."
Barbie is not only a distinguished fashion idol, she is also a young and talented member of the Shark Tamers Society. 
Barbie at the Shark Tamers Society picnic in 2009.

     Well, that's all from me today... +__+
     Cheers! Sparkey.


  1. Did the markers of Barbie really contact you and say this or are you joking? If they really did, they shouldn't give a crap what you do with your Barbies. They are your dolls! There's people who like to burn, smash, ETC their Barbies (though it's stupid). All you did was put yours with an attractive man whose way way hotter then Ken! But funny joke then if you are kidding. ;)

    1. You're right - it is a joke ;D
      The makers of Barbie are a huge company and there's no way they'd have time for small-fry like me. Anyway, what real company uses the word "skanky"?
      LOL Thanks for commenting!