Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hello, Everyone!

Wow! First post in a new blog! I hope I'm popular!
First up, I guess I'll explain what I'm doing here...
As it mentions in my profile, I am an enthusiastic collector of Japanese figures of many shapes and sizes, but, fun as they may be, sadly these little PVC delights are also highly fragile and any figure collector will have had their fair share of breaks. 
Every Nendoroid collector knows this feeling -__-
     Since I'm pretty handy with a tiny screwdriver and I've had a life-long love-affair with adhesives and paint, when I do have a broken figure, you can bet it's not going to be too long before it's fixed and back on my desk, as beautiful as ever. Not everybody has my experience though, and sometimes when your favourite figure is busted, you just want to cry and shove it in the cupboard.
Do not give up on your broken figures! There is almost always a way!
     In this blog I will be trying to help out my fellow collectors by sharing any knowledge of figure repairs and touchups that I have (and maybe writing a couple of reviews while I'm at it – everyone love reviews, right?).
Right now I'm working hard on reattaching Medicom RAH Roy Mustang's broken head (snapped off at the base of the neck).
"Hurry up and fix me! My arms are getting tired!"
                            Stay posted to see how he turns out!
Cheers! Sparkey.


  1. How old are you? Are you a guy or girl?

    1. I'm old enough to vote and one of the more common genders.
      What's it to you, Anonymous? ... if that *is* your real name...!